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Dress Up Sunday

For kids birth–5th grade
Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018
9:30 & 11 a.m. Kids Services & Tiny Valley Classes

This special Sunday is for kids to invite friends and hear the life-changing message of Jesus in an active, hands-on way.

Kids love to dress up and do their own thing. Whether they want to dress fancy, sporty, goofy, messy, or sleepy, this is their opportunity to do it at church!

This is a great Sunday for kids to invite their friends! 

Upcoming Featured Sundays

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Apr. 21 | Easter

Each year, we plan five exciting Featured Sundays filled with fun, friends, and a powerful message about Jesus!

Ask your kids who you can invite together. Maybe it's a cousin, neighbor, classmate, or the family you met at the park. Imagine what could happen if the child or family you invite came to church and decided to follow Jesus for the rest of their lives - all because you invited them!

Why Featured Sundays?

Our goal is to lead kids into a growing relationship with Jesus in everything we do. We want to help them build a strong foundation by surrounding them with a community that knows and loves Jesus and by teaching them how to share Jesus with others. 

Featured Sundays accomplish that for visitors and for your kids - kids learn how to invite others to church to hear about Jesus, and visitors learn about Jesus in a fun and meaningful way.