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Where kids connect with God, leaders, and each other

Kids Services

Sundays | 9:30 & 11 a.m.
(During adult service)

While you get a chance to relax, decompress, and hear about God's great plans for you, your kids get a chance to do the same thing. In a cool, safe, age-appropriate environment, they're interacting, getting creative, and learning about the love of God. Your kids will have a great time as they experience both large and small group atmospheres.

Giving Focus

Giving Focus


We want people everywhere to have an opportunity to have a relationship with Jesus! In January, Cedar Valley Kids are helping build God’s Kingdom—literally! We’re raising money for the construction of a national Bible Institute in Costa Rica where missionaries Jon and Jen Dahlager will help students learn about the Bible and how to teach it to others. Bring donations to Kids Services in January.

IF WE REACH OUR GOAL of $1,000 . . . Kids will get to make two small group leaders into a human sundae, birthday cake, pizza, or taco during 9:30 & 11 a.m. Kids services on February 11.

Group Environments

Small Group Environment

We want kids to see how God's Word fits into their everyday lives, learn how to talk to Him, and build friendships that last. Kids start the morning in small groups, where their leaders do fun activities to pique their curiosity about the message. After participating in the large group setting, kids meet in their small groups again to help them understand how the lesson fits into their everyday lives. 

Small group leaders are serious about having fun with kids and passionate about teaching the Truth. Each Sunday, leaders connect with the same small group of kids. This helps the kids connect and gives us a great opportunity to establish relationships that are going to matter when they need them most.

Large Group Environment

In large group, kids hear a Bible story that includes music, costumed characters, drama, and an interactive curriculum that helps build an understanding of God's character, the Bible, and how the Holy Spirit works in their lives. We also carve out time each week for kids to worship so they can tell God how much they love Him.



We use Tru Fire: Story, a curriculum especially for K–5th graders. Based on the truth that the Bible is God's One Big Story, and that we are part of that story, the curriculum is built around seven family ministry essentials:

  1. Empowering family as primary
  2. Spiritual formation for lifetime faith
  3. Scripture is our authority
  4. The Holy Spirit teaches
  5. God is central
  6. God's redemptive narrative
  7. A community of ministry support

This curriculum takes kids all the way from Genesis to Revelation each year. It reveals God's incredible redemptive plan and invites kids to be part of it. They get to engage in fun, creative activities designed to pique their curiosity about The Big God Story. They also have a chance to respond to what the Holy Spirit is teaching them as they reflect on the lesson and express their response to God by praying in the Spirit and responding to His voice.

More Information about the Tru Fire Story curriculum

Kids Devotional

Kids Devotional—Homefront Weekly

We want our kids to establish a lifelong habit of spending time with God. As a guide, we provide Homefront Weekly—a weekly devotion designed to encourage families to spend time reading the Bible, talking to God at home, and putting faith into practice. This resource previews Sunday's topic so parents are empowered to introduce the topic to their kids first, before they hear it at church. Homefront Weekly is attached the the weekly kids bulletin that's available in kids services. If you miss a Sunday, you can have the Homefront Weekly mailed to you—just contact Pastor Evan at .

Kids Store

Kids Store

Open Sundays before and after Cedar Valley Kids Services
North side of Kids Auditorium
As an incentive for kids to learn to spend time with God, we created a special store just for them. To purchase items in this store, kids need to earn Bible Bucks.

Kids can earn Bible Bucks by:

  • Attending (1 Bible Buck)
  • Bringing their Bible (1 Bible Buck)
  • Invite friend(s) ( Bible Buck)
  • Reciting the Bible Verse & where it's found (3 Bible Bucks)
  • Complete Next Sunday's Lesson Activity with a parent's signature (5 Bible Bucks)
  • Bring friend(s) (10 Bible Bucks)

Parent Tools

Parent Tools— & Homefront Magazine is a powerful resource to help parents take faith to the next level at home. Full of inspiring stories, practical tips, great recipes, and fun games, Homefront Mag will inspire parents to go one step forward on their parenting journey.

Kids Giving

Kids Giving—Missions

Generosity is the most effective way to break the grip of greed in our lives. During Cedar Valley Kids Services, we encourage kids to give through their offerings. These offerings help support:

  • Needs of missionaries around the world in places like Russia, Libya, and Kenya
  • Mission projects around the world, such as digging wells for those without clean water or translating Christian resources into different languages
  • A small portion of the material costs for kids ministries each week

To help your child save money for overseas giving projects, we provide yellow coin banks, called Buddy Barrels, which are available for free at the Kids Store.

Kids with Special Needs

Kids with Special Needs

If a child with special physical or mental challenges needs individual assistance, we make every effort to connect them with an aide. If you're interested in an aide for your child, let us know. Learn more.