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Life Groups

It's time to start doing life together

We were never intended to live out our faith isolated from other Christians. Our faith is meant to be lived out in genuine relationships and community is where faith becomes real.

A Life Group is generally a group of 6-14 people seeking to live out authentic Christianity. It's a place of encouragement, spiritual guidance, strength when we need it most, and where you can hang out and be your real self. Jesus modeled this very thing with His disciples. It was the clear understanding of the early church.

How Life Groups work

We know it takes an investment of time to develop authentic relationships, so we encourage you to commit to a Life Group for a minimum of three months. Groups are available online and in person.  Our hope is that you’ll grow and develop as a follower of Jesus, while establishing lasting relationships in your Life Group. That’s why groups work!

Find a Life Group


Browse groups then sign up

Select the Find a Group button below and check out open groups. Groups can be at church, in a home, or online. Once you find a group, sign up.



Watch for a welcome email from your group leader with more details. If your chosen group is online, you'll need a phone or computer.


Get RightNow Media

Some groups may use materials on RightNow Media. Your leader will let you know if you need it. Sign up here for a free account.

See group finder for times and weekdays.

Lead a Life Group

It's people like you and me that lead groups! We'll train you and give you everything you need to get started. And we'll continue to partner with you along the way.

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