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Reaching Everyone, Everywhere. 

One of our responsibilities as followers of Jesus is to discover how we can use the resources we have been given to make sure that everyone, everywhere, has the opportunity to experience the love of Jesus and respond to it.

Decide how much to give

Pray, Plan & Dream

Seek God. Start with a Plan. Imagine More.

Begin by prayerfully asking God what role He would have you play in Kingdom Builders this year.

Make a plan to give.

Now that you have a plan number, think beyond it.

Become a Kingdom Builder!

Set a Kingdom Builder's Goal

Whatever amount you decide to give—Plan or Dream—it's your Kingdom Builders Goal. It's an amount you commit to God to give.

While there’ll be hundreds of people giving to Kingdom Builders in 2023, remember—every gift matters to God. It’s not the size of the gift, but the obedience to God that matters most.

Make a Kingdom Builder's Goal today and start your giving—God is going to do amazing things through you!
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The Go Fund

Helping missionaries get to the unreached.
Luke Womack, Founder & CEO - The Go Fund

Luke Womack talks about how Kingdom Builder's dollars have impacted The Go Fund ministry. Watch as Luke shares how God is placing missionaries where He wants them!


Bringing justice to the unreached.
Paul Hurckman, Executive Director - Venture

Paul Hurckman shared how our Kingdom Builder's dollars have impacted others through Venture. Paul is passionate about reaching the lost. Take a few minutes and listen to his heartfelt message.