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Living your purpose doesn’t have to
wait until you’re an adult; it can start now.


LEVEL UP is a program designed to help students in grades 3–12 discover their God-given gifts and abilities and provide volunteer opportunities for them to use those gifts to make a difference in and outside the church. 

Welcome student!

We believe God has created everyone with unique gifts and abilities to help them grow in their relationship with Him and others.

Being part of LEVEL UP means you’re committed to growth in your personal and spiritual life.

Growing your gifts and developing skills helps prepare you for the future God has for you.

Get ready for opportunities, community, fun, and even some failure—it’s sometimes how we learn best.

Expect responsibility, laughter, and challenges!

God has given each of you a gift from His great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another. —1 Peter 4:10

Ready to LEVEL UP?

4 Steps to serve—ready, set, go!


Read the LEVEL UP handbook.


Read/sign the My Commitment form.


Complete Student Edition of Next Step classes

See below.


Fill out and submit the application.

Next Step classes—designed just for students!

Serving at Cedar Valley starts with Next Step. As a team member, it's important to understand and believe in the mission, vision, beliefs, and core values of Cedar Valley. Next Step will help you to do just that. Next Step is made up of three classes for students. We've created two different formats based on age group.


Complete each parent-led guide and worksheet/activity.