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My Bad

Sundays, Apr. 28–May 12, 2019

When someone obviously made a mistake, don’t you just wish they would admit it? It would be refreshing and even healing for all of us. What about the Church? Wouldn’t you like the Church to acknowledge its mistakes as well? This three-week series examines the hot topics of politics, racism, and shame and guilt). Join us as we talk about how the Church got it wrong, why it happened, and where to go from here.

Week 1 | Politically Incorrect

Sunday, Apr. 28 | Neal Rich

His kingdom above this kingdom. Matthew 22:15–21, Mark 6:17–20, John 18:36–37.



Week 2 | But I'm not Racist

Sunday, May. 5 | Parker Dickerson


Our complicity is found in our silence. Reconciliation means we have to get off the conveyor belt. 2 Corinthians 5:14–21.



Week 3 | Guilt & Shame

Sunday, May. 12 | Neal Rich

Guilt can be a healthy and productive response, but shame is almost always destructive. Shame is no roadblock for God. John 8:1–11.